Submissions by e-mail to

Before you submit please read the following carefully.  Because of the high number of submissions we receive, it is important you follow these guide lines or your submission may be overlooked !   We do not take postal submissions.  We do not charge – we are not vanity publishers.

  1. Send a synopsis first. This should be no more than 40 or 50 lines
  2. Put the title of your piece, your name and your web site/Facebook page/etc. at both the start and the end of your synopsis
  3. Put your synopsis in the main body of the e-mail NOT as an attachment, along with a short bio (just 5-6 lines please). State clearly if you have already self-published your book (it will not mean a rejection, but we do need to know).
  4. Please use a clear font – font that is difficult to read will be automatically rejected
  5. We will also automatically reject any attachments (when an attachment is required) that is in PDF format or Dropbox.
  6. English spelling is preferred over American spelling
  7. Monochrome drawings to accompany your submission are always of interest. They can be an attachment, not PDF or Dropbox.
  8. If the drawings are by a friend, that is fine, but we do need written permission from them, their web site etc.
  9. See below for examples of how we like to see the script

Verse or stories for children should be marked for the attention of Ross Wye.  At the moment we are looking at the following:

  • full length novels for children. Any age group, with or without illustrations
  • adult books generally
  • history books (adult or children) are of special interest
  • poetry and short stories (adults or children)
  • we are also looking at art work – please enquire.
  • no porn or horror, no technical, no plays or musicals

When a submission is rejected it is invariably because of poor spelling, poor grammar and/or poor punctuating.   However the time and costs needed for editing mistakes is something we do not get in to unless the story grips us.

We will not open attachments unless we have asked you to attach, e.g for art work.

Delay. Please allow approx. 2 weeks for a reply, sometimes more.

Proofing.  We are not able to comment on your work if it is rejected. If time permits, we may perhaps give you a tip or two.

How we like to see a script: 

1)  Please do not try to edit your own work – it is almost impossible unless you know that you are really very good at spelling and punctuating.  Even then there will be lots of typos you miss.  Ask somebody you trust to do this for you. Be careful – lots of people think they can edit but they cannot!

2) Speech in the text needs to be on a separate line, e.g:-

... and then the children shouted:

“Let’s go to the cinema!”

On hearing this Grandad put down his glasses, straightened his tie, and grunted:

“OK then, kids. I suppose I have no choice.”

3) Chapter headings should be in bold.

4) Do not worry about spacing and/or size of font. This is something we will sort.

5) Sections with people “thinking” a sentence should be in italics, also any words in a foreign language, e.g:-

He would liked to have said bonjour Madame to her, but he was unsure of himself and wished he had paid attention in class.  

I wish I had paid attention in class! he thought, as he shook her hand politely …

6) The English language has picked up many Americanisms and, as a general rule, we accept American spelling and expressions.

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